Discover Benson Hill’s fresh approach to improving crops, ingredients and food: CropOS.

CropOS is a revolutionary crop design platform that empowers our partners across the food and agriculture value chain to innovate like never before. It includes the Breed application for predictive breeding and the Edit application for a comprehensive solution to genome editing target identification. To learn more about them, fill out this form.

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CropOS taps the natural genetic diversity of plants through predictive analytics.

CropOS combines data analytics, machine learning and biological knowledge with scalable cloud computing to predict biological outcomes, giving partners advanced information to accelerate and improve their R&D programs.

Benson Hill Biosystems designed these CropOS applications to empower you to develop healthier, tastier, more sustainable products:

Breed TM

Breed uses your proprietary and public data with machine learning to predict which crosses to prioritize and which varieties will perform best in your pipeline.

Edit TM

Edit combines predictive target identification with a patented portfolio of CRISPR nucleases to support an integrated and efficient approach to genome editing target discovery and implementation.

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What our partners are saying about Benson Hill Biosytems and CropOS

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"Benson Hill’s platform provides access to data and predictive analytics to accelerate the plant breeding process and enable our team to bring improved varieties to the market faster.”

Marcos Quiroga

Director of R&D

testimonial quote

“Access to Benson Hill's tools is huge. As an independent, family owned company, going through the effort of developing it ourselves is not feasible.”

Curtis Wiltse

Research Manager
Beck's Hybrids

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“Benson Hill’s robust portfolio of gene editing nucleases and collaborative approach to empowering innovation aligns with our mission to leverage biological innovations and create new opportunities for our customers.”

Claus Crone Fuglsang

CSO and Senior Vice President, Research & Technology

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