eMerge Genetics.
Better soybeans, now powered by Benson Hill.

Benson Hill Biosystems has acquired the assets of Schillinger, also known as eMerge Genetics. We’re excited to combine two decades of soybean quality and yield improvement by the eMerge Genetics team with Benson Hill’s powerful data analytics and machine learning genomic platform CropOS™. Together, we will deliver the current and future portfolio of superior soybean varieties for human food and animal feed markets.

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Over the past twenty years, we’ve built one of the industry’s most unique portfolios of high-quality soybean varieties. If you’re looking for high-yielding soybeans with superior protein levels, healthier oil profiles, and low anti-nutrient levels, we’re your source. Click on the interactive chart below to download technical data sheets and find the varieties that are right for you. 

We’re changing the traditional commodity agriculture model. Over the years, soybeans have been bred primarily for yield, and nutritional content has suffered. We’ve changed the paradigm, offering high-performing, high quality soybean varieties for human food and animal feed. eMerge varieties deliver greater profitability for our customers and greater choice for consumers.

High protein grain

Yields a higher amount of soy protein than most traditional varieties.

High oleic/low linolenic oil

Enables food companies to incorporate healthier oils into their formulations.


Ultra low anti-nutrient varieties. Enhances feed conversion sought by animal nutrition companies.

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CropOS and eMerge Genetics. Tapping the natural genetic diversity of soybeans to develop more healthy, sustainable, tasty varieties.

CropOS combines data analytics, machine learning and biological knowledge with scalable cloud computing to predict biological outcomes and deliver products faster. Benson Hill’s predictive breeding and gene editing capabilities accelerate the development of new high-yielding, high-quality soybean varieties for the growing human food and animal feed markets.

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